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The Port of Churchill showcases a collection of films and photographs from my photographic journey to Churchill, MB, Canada. Commencing on January 20 and concluding on February 14, 2014, I spent approximately ten days immersing myself in Churchill's splendor. Throughout my stay, I was fortunate to witness three breathtaking displays of the northern lights.

Access to Churchill is restricted, with Via Rail train and airlines being the primary modes of transportation. However, there exists one exception: dog sledding. Dave Daley's remarkable expedition, traversing 1,200 kilometers of frozen terrain from Churchill to Winnipeg over a span of 20 days in 2010, serves as a testament to this unique mode of travel:

I intend to share further details of my journey in subsequent writings, ideally before the conclusion of this prolonged Korean winter. In the meantime, I am delighted to offer glimpses of my adventures through images and films. Without further ado, let me introduce my inaugural piece, "Roaring Fortress," from the Port of Churchill. In this creation, time accelerates approximately 350-fold, capturing the essence of bitter coldness and the tumultuous brilliance of lights. Although the phenomenon may differ from your typical storm, I trust you will find it equally captivating. Enjoy!



Roaring Fortress"Roaring fortress", a single from my album [Port of Churchill]

Photographed and produced by Youngwoo Cho
Music by James Brett

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