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The [Port of Churchill] is an album of films and pictures from my photography travel to Churchill, MB, Canada. I started the travel on Jan 20, and had been out there through Feb 14, 2014. I watched three fabulous displays of northern lights during my stay of about ten days in Churchill. Churchill can not be reached by any means of transportation except Viarail train and Airlines. Oh, well! There is one exception: dog sledding! Here is a man, Dave Daley, who crossed the frozen land of 1,200-km from Churchill to Winnipeg for about 20 days by dog sledding in 2010!:

I will continue to write about my travel later on. I hope I can write it before this long Korean winter finally comes to the end. But, before that time, I will be able to show you a bit of pictures and films. OK! let me get started with my first single "Roaring fortress" from [Port of Churchill]. Here, the time goes about 350 times faster than that it would. Feel the bitter coldness and the stark raving storm of lights, although the storm of northern lights actually does not look like the very storm you know. Hope you enjoy it!

Roaring Fortress"Roaring fortress", a single from my album [Port of Churchill]

Photographed and produced by Youngwoo Cho
Music by James Brett

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