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Lightning shadow, Total Solar Eclipse 2009

Lightning shadow, Total Solar Eclipse 2009

I was staying at Huazhuang Ecology Agriculture Park (Huazhuang Shengtai Nong-ye-wiyen), 10 km north of Tongxiang city, from the night before the day of the total solar eclipse (TSE).
We started to have lightning from the early evening. It continued to flash on the sky past the midnight. It was the early morning when it started to rain. It was so heavy, so I thought that I won't be able to have a chance to watch the show.
The nimbostratus was overcasting the sky while the partial eclipse stage was in action. I sometimes had to cover my equipment with a rain coat to keep them safe from the sporadic rainfalls. Though I came to see the eclipse all the way, it was getting impossible to my great disappointment.
The sun was shining somewhere behind the cloud. It was then when the cloud started to dissipate and came into my view when two third of it was eclipsed. Then, I was able to have a perfect chance to take pictures of the eclipse for about thirty minutes.