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Subcategory:Night Sky
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Keywords:Andormeda Galaxy, Ayers Rock, Large Magellanic Cloud, M31, Magellanic Clouds, Milky Way, Pleiades, Seven Sisters, Small Magellanic Cloud, South delta-Aquariids, Uluru, the Great Nubula in Andromeda
Uluru and the Milkyway

Uluru and the Milkyway

A 270-degree panoramic view of the night sky over Ayers Rock. The zodiacal light runs through the Seven Sisters (Pleiades) to the north(left) of Ayers Rock and is arching through the Milky Way. A bright meteor is falling toward Ayers Rock to the east(left) of Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. At the far right is the Great Nubula in Andromeda (Andormeda Galaxy, M31)